Colorado Couples Intensive

You're actively seeking clarity.

Celeste Labadie and Michael Johan tailor their 2-day intensive program to meet your specific needs and level of support required. Nestled in their serene lakeside home, you’ll find the perfect environment to step away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and concentrate solely on each other and your relationship.



We’re so glad you found us! 
Your retreat begins when you fill out the information at the bottom of this page and we schedule a consultation call. From there, we will build your retreat specifically for you both so you get the maximum benefit. All retreats include a pre-retreat zoom call to get a jumpstart on planning for your visit. 
Retreats are a gift to your relationship. You’ll get a generous amount of support from us so you can repair what’s not working, reconnect to each other, communicate effectively, resolve conflict, begin to heal trust, increase romance and playful intimacy and feel supported by a loving couple who model growth and transformation in partnership. 

Premarital Retreat option

 You’re in love! You are within the first 3 years of your relationship and you want to make sure you have a solid foundation for your future together. Premarital Retreats are a great way to dive deep in your strengths as a couple and to discuss the harder subjects of life and stay connected while doing it. Moreover, you’ll have a loving couple in us to reflect back and support your union as you move forward in your lives. Every couple could benefit with a mentor couple like us in your life when or if you need support in the coming years.

We invite you to...

Renew your commitment to the relationship.

Redesign the way you communicate so you both feel heard.

Restore your unique connection and original spark.

Release stress and uncertainty so you can enjoy each other.

Redefine your relationship and focus your energy there.

Repair painful past experiences and build trust.

Remember why your partner is important to you.


There are many options for hotels or airbnbs nearby. Once you book your retreat dates, you’ll receive a welcome email that includes links to lodging in our area to find the best fit. 

You’ll also receive add-on options which include massages, astrology readings, restaurants and other feel-good activities to round out your retreat weekend. 

Weekend Calendar availability 2024: 


July 6-7, 2024

July 27-28, 2024

Aug 17-18, 2024

Aug 31-Sept 1, 2024

Sept 7-8, 2024

Oct 12-13, 2024

*Retreats must be booked and paid in full within 6 weeks of your retreat date


Each retreat day includes 6 hours of direct consultation with Celeste and Michael. 

  • Clarify the Intention - Goals and Outcomes
  • Introduction and Practice using ‘safe skills’ for communicating
  • Waking up to your relational defensiveness and how to shift this in yourself and your partner.
  • Shifting complaints and frustrations into requests for change.
  • Introduction to Containing Boundaries and Limits
  • Self-Esteem and how it relates to your relationship
  • Discuss and Address Boundaries versus Walls
  • Self-Evaluation of how relationships were modeled when you were a child
  • Release old patterns from childhood so you both reduce the triggers that came before you met
  • Identifying where you may avoid certain subjects in your relationship
  • Explore how you may withdraw or disconnect from your partner so you can create more safety
  • Explore positive communication skills: softening your tone, being aware of the internal judge and being kind and concise in your communication
  • Practice Repair and Recovery after arguments or misunderstandings
  • After your 2-day intensive, we will meet via zoom for 2-hours within 2 weeks of your intensive
  • You will both have self-assigned homework and practices: 
  • Owning your part, Making Requests without demands or ultimatums, how to speak up when you’re hurt so your partner can hear you, focusing on gratitude and appreciation for what you have
  • Improving intimacy, romance and loving behaviors 
  • Playfulness, fun and date nights
  • Becoming a “student” of the relationship so you continue to grow and evolve with each other. 
  • Accepting responsibility for your relationship and how you show up for each other. 


    July 6-7, 2024July 27-28, 2024Aug 17-18, 2024Aug 31-Sept 1, 2024Sept 7-8, 2024Oct 12-13, 2024