Premarital Coaching

You love each other and you want to keep it that way.

You want to be proactive about how to communicate well.

You are highly motivated to be a conscious and aware couple.

Congratulations on finding each other! 

I love coaching premarital couples and couples may not choose marriage but know they are committed to the long journey together. 

If you are within the first 3 years of relationship, premarital coaching is a very smart investment. You both are in a perfect place to set the foundation of your relationship. We will do this with playful, safe and loving activities that help you create your own Couple Bubble: the unique container that holds you both in a loving place no matter what happens around you. 

Let's face it

Most of us don’t know how to bring up conversation about sex, intimacy, finances, values, fears, preferences and our family history. It’s natural! We don’t want to feel vulnerable or worse, judged. Very few of us had parents that modeled open, loving and honest conversation. That’s why premarital coaching is so valuable. 

You’ll experience for yourselves how to talk to each other, gaining confidence in your own abilities to hold a safe space on ‘harder’ topics. Premarital coaching will help you feel connected and proud of your team effort. You’ll feel accomplished. And you’ll know that you have the skills and knowledge to be a solid teammate for each other. 

When my partner Michael and I met 18 years ago, we invested in 6 sessions of coaching and learned a dialogue process that in later years became the THE TOOL that helped us work out our differences without being destructive. We were proactive in protecting our relationship from the things that naturally crop up when two people live together. 

I’ll teach you that same dialogue process so you feel heard, seen and safe when sharing your thoughts and feelings with your partner. You’ll learn more about yourself, and more about your partner. You’ll have a confidant in each other. The foundation of your relationship will be solid, secure and safe so you both feel accepted, loved and excited about the coming years together.

Topics included in premarital coaching:

  • Individual and joint finances
  • Parenting styles and children
  • Communication styles
  • Conflict resolution strategies
  • Decision-making styles
  • Gender roles in the marriage
  • Love Language Preferences
  • Sex and Intimacy
  • Managing Extended Family
  • Introvert and Extrovert differences

Premarital Coaching Package

6 Sessions for $1600*

Willing to Love - Premarital Coaching Package

Bonus #1: Extra 60-min session, 3 months after completion.

Bonus #2: Audio recording of session notes included.

Bonus #3: A personalized workbook based on what we covered so you continue to practice afterwards.