Willing to Love Masterclass: Couples Communication Essentials

An 7 Week LIVE (Virtual) Positive Communication Couples course

Practice effective tools to upgrade your relationship satisfaction,
enjoy more playfulness and feel supported.

Michael and Celeste

It’s important to us that you feel supported and seen while you make positive progress to increase harmony and happiness in your relationship.

We believe every couple has the opportunity to upgrade their relationship satisfaction through respectful communication.

We believe that being WILLING TO LOVE includes opening to the strength of curiosity and the desire to discover a better YOU through empowered collaboration.

With your willingness to receive guidance, we coach couples to convert disagreements into productive conversations.

In this 7-week, live Zoom Masterclass, we invite you and your partner to optimize your relationship skills for immediate positive results.

Meet your coaches, 

Celeste and Michael!

You’re Invited to Join the Group

Introducing Michael, coaching a couple

Our Goals:

  • Develop the skill of Clear Requests when you have a complaint.
  • Learn the difference between Healthy Shame and Toxic Shame
  • Get good at self-compassion and positive appreciations for yourself and your partner
  • Learn to use Time-Outs when you or your partner are flooded with emotion or shutting down.
  • Speaking your truth so your partner can hear you and you can be heard
  • Using humor, tone and word choice to create Safety
  • Get the cure for Resentments: How to Practice Repairing after a fight

Masterclass Weekly Topics

Week 1:  Visioning and Goals for Lasting Relationship Success

Week 2: Your Brain on Love – how to be “relationally minded”

Week 3: Turning Judgments and Criticism into Clear Requests

Week 4: The Relationship Grid: Owning your protective stance

Week 5: Being a Team and Managing external interference

Week 6: How to outwit sabotaging behaviors with self-compassion

Week 7: Stress management and Mindfulness as a couple

Putting it all together: Your stress resilient relationship plan

7 weeks – Mondays

6:00-7:30 pm Mountain time

One Private Coaching session with Celeste and Michael (value of $350)

Class Tuition

$997 per couple

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