Celeste Labadie

Marriage and Family Therapist

Telehealth or In-Person sessions, Lafayette, CO

So glad you found me or someone you trust referred you. I’m all about you getting the love you want. Love is the best drug available. And I know from experience it’s not that easy to keep that feeling ongoing. It takes intention and commitment to learn how to make a relationship work for yourself and your partner. 



I remember observing my parents as a kid and having all kinds of feelings about marriage and relationships. I didn’t know it then, but it would ultimately lead me to my profession of helping others make their marriage and relationships work better.

My relationship is a work in progress. I’ve learned that there will always be some tension and misunderstandings along the way. It’s HOW we handle those things that makes all the difference of how much we feel the love between us.

I’ve grown up in my relationship with my husband. I used to be pretty self-centered. I had to stretch myself and grow a part of me that now takes his perspective into view along with my own. I believe relationships GROW US into better humans.

In counseling sessions, I often use my own growth stories in relationship as examples for you. I do this because those stories are not about how wonderful I am. On the contrary, I talk about my small parts, my judge self and my internal defenses because I want you to know there’s a way out of those that will help your partner and help you become a more caring adult.

As a child, I felt my feelings deeply and the feelings of those around me. Some call this being an empath. It means I can feel things that are unspoken. Sometimes I’m not sure exactly what the feelings are at first— it’s more of a gut level thing for me. That’s good news for you because sometimes the feeling between you and your partner is the first thing that helps me help you.

I am honored to have helped hundreds of couples in the last 10 years of private practice.

It’s on me to create a safe container for you to express your challenges, fears and goals. My intention is that you leave the first session feeling heard and seen and with several new skills to practice with each other.

I focus on practical solutions, real time resolution to problems you can’t seem to work out, and a recognition and honoring of how your past influences your present.

Together we will build a container for your “Couple Bubble” so you know how to stay connected, fight fair and seek out new ways to work through old struggles.

My style is playful, spontaneous, educational, always prepared, fully present and accepting of what you bring to the session. One client said to me, “I appreciate how much laughter you bring into the room.” That too. We will laugh and we will also make clear headway in getting you both pointed in the right direction.



“We came to Celeste feeling withdrawn from each other and unsure how to find our way back. I don’t know how she
did it, but we found ourselves laughing and enjoying the process. Celeste’s skillful way of naming what was happening between us opened me. I had a profound moment of clarity. We walked out with knowledge of how to not let ourselves
slip into disconnectedness, had skills to help each other feel loved and supported and with the clarity that we ARE
meant to be together.”

 — Google Review


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, LMFT, Colorado.
Masters, MA, Regis University

Additional Training

PACT Couple Therapy – Level 2

Certified Imago Couples Therapist

Certified Life Coach – Life Purpose Institute

Relational Life Couples Therapy - Certification in Process