Willing to Love

with Celeste Labadie, LMFT

Learn effective communication skills and cultivate increased support, trust and respect. 


You’re seeking assistance in restoring joy and moving past resentments.

You’re feeling lonely or frustrated and need help navigating these emotions.

It’s difficult to discuss what’s wrong without causing further hurt to each other.

You’re eager to break free from negative patterns and recurring issues.

It’s time

why you want to
make this relationship work.

how you communicate
about the hard stuff.

to the spark that attracted
you to each other.

I’ve been in a successful, loving and evolving relationship with my husband Michael for 20 years. We have dedicated time and energy from the very beginning to understand each other and work through our differences. It’s been work. Relationships are work.

Are you Willing to Let Go of Being Right?

Are you Willing to Own Your Part in the dynamic?

Are you Willing to Hear Your Partner and Stay Present?

Are you Willing to Learn Why You Get Triggered?


WILLINGNESS is co-created so you can…

1) Repair after a disagreement 2) Provide each other with a safe space to process 3) Share your perspective without placing blame 4) Make kind, clear and doable requests


When you are willing, you can explore and grow.

When you are willing, you can learn and let go.

When you are willing, you can evolve and heal.

I'm here to help you.

For the dynamics in your relationship to improve, you need to embrace new ideas and have a shared desire to break free from the patterns that brought you to this point. 

Consider the atmosphere of your relationship. Are you breathing toxic air, or is it filled with loving, warm regard?

I want you to infuse fresh air into your relationship and release the old, stale air. For this to occur, each of you will need to acknowledge your role in the toxic patterns.

When you both recognize and awaken to the protective behaviors or stances you brought into the relationship, it fosters a shared desire to become better partners and nurture your Wise Adult self to take the lead.

The Wise Adult self fosters an atmosphere of peace, kindness, and a willingness to embrace the emotions that naturally arise in relationship with another person.

Developing a conscious, relational partnership means evolving beyond childhood adaptive behaviors and cultivating a more flexible and experimental mindset.

When defensive or protective parts emerge during the session, I will guide you to explore new approaches to fulfill your needs without resorting to criticism, defensiveness, making assumptions, sharing anxious thoughts, withholding, or withdrawal.

Our mission is to break free from old patterns and habits that keep you stuck and instead, cultivate the close, safe, and loving relationship atmosphere you desire.

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