Willing to Love

with Celeste Labadie, LMFT

Simple & effective 

communication skills

that work when

you practice them.


You need help finding each other again.

You feel alone, angry or confused and can’t seem to work this out on your own.

You can’t seem to talk about what’s wrong without hurting each other more.

You keep cycling around the same issue and need something to change.

It’s time

why you want to
make this relationship work.

how you communicate
about the hard stuff.

to the spark that attracted
you to each other.

I’ve been in a successful, loving and evolving relationship with my husband Michael for 18 years. We have dedicated time and energy from the very beginning to understand each other and work through our differences. It’s been work. Relationships are work.

Are you Willing to Learn a How to Communicate Effectively?

Are you Willing to Let Go of Being Right?

Are you Willing to Own Your Part in the dynamic?

Are you Willing to Hear Your Partner and Stay Present?

Are you Willing to Learn Why You Get Triggered?

From the first few years together, my partner and I realized the one important quality of how we could come back to the Love after we triggered each other.


When you are willing, you can explore and grow.

When you are willing, you can learn and let go.

When you are willing, you can evolve and heal.

About Celeste

I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Relationship Coach.

My goal is to help you both slow down when things are heated.

To understand the impact of your Lizard brain and how to stay in your Wizard brain.

To explore how your childhood impacts the way you hear and react to your partner.

To teach you simple and effective communication skills that work when you practice them.

Are you Willing to explore and be coached on a better way to be with each other?

Online or In Person: 1200 W. South Boulder Rd, Lafayette, CO